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  • Boundary Surveying

  • House Stake-out/Site Plan

  • ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys

  • Subdivision Design/Planning

  • Subdivision Platting/Staking

  • Condominium Platting

  • Certified Survey Maps

  • Assessor’s Plats

  • Description & mapping of areas for Annexation

  • Rezoning Applications Mapping

  • Construction Staking

  • FEMA (floodplain) Elevation Certificates

  • Bluff Line determination

  • Site Plan of Existing Conditions

  • Legal Descriptions

Boundary Survey / Map of Survey


Per Wisconsin state statutes any time a surveyor monuments a property corner, a map of survey must be performed and a map drawn and submitted to the county in which the survey was done. This map will show the parcel boundary and the evidence used in computing the boundary of the parcel. The main structures and most improvements on the property will also be located and shown on the map along with bearings and distances relative to the lot lines. This survey accurately maps the legal description of your property as it is described on your current deed of record.


Certified Survey Map


This survey is required when a new parcel is to be created. Some counties will also require a CSM when landowners want to change their current lot lines. A Certified Survey map can be used to create up to 4 new parcels out of an existing parcel. The CSM requires approvals by local town, county, or city officials and the process can be tedious and lengthy at times. We will help the client with the various applications and documents needed and may also attend any government meetings when applicable.


Condominium Plat


A Condo Plat is a map that is used when a client wishes to designate their property as a Condominium. A client will work with an attorney to have the Condominium Declarations drafted which will explain all the intended uses and restrictions of the Condominium Plat. Once this is done the surveyor will provide a boundary survey and locate the structures on the parcel. When the plat (map) is drafted the surveyor will designate on the plat all the restrictions that apply to the different condos (units), such as which areas are to be designated as common or limited common elements (areas).


Subdivision Plat


This is a requirement when creating 5 or more lots/outlots from a larger parcel. NorthLand Surveying will work with the client and civil engineers to develop a plan that will be suitable to state and local statutes and will meet the client development goals.


FEMA (floodplain) Elevation Certificates


Used to try and remove a building, parcel or portion of a parcel near a body of water from the floodplain as determined by the government agency FEMA. This survey is most commonly requested by a mortgage lender, insurance company or zoning departments.  If the subject property or structure is found to be above the established flood plain elevation than a LOMA application or elevation certificate can be drafted with the help of a surveyor and an amendment made by FEMA to their floodplain mapping. Often times this can help in removing the requirement of costly flood insurance.


Site Plan

When a builder, engineer, architect or other professional needs to have visual representation of how their project will fit within the confines of the subject parcel. Often times if you’re planning to build a new home or put an addition on to an existing home a site plan will be required by a building inspector or zoning administrator so they can see exactly what you plan on doing with your property. All existing monuments can be located and relationships shown but this is not a boundary survey and new monuments will not be set nor will existing monuments be validated.


Topographic Map


This is a visual representation of the lay of the land. This map will include all features on the parcel manmade or natural and their relationships to each other horizontally and vertically. A map is created using cad software with contours and spot elevations are shown.


ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey


This type of survey is typically used in the lending process for commercial real estate transactions. A surveyor must follow certain guidelines as established by the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping, and the American Land Title Association. This survey is basically a catch all for anything on the site that could be a red flag in a real estate transaction. All improvements on the site will be located and plotted as well as easements, lot lines, utilities, access points, floodplain, and much more information that would be of interest to a title insurance company.


Legal Descriptions


This service is commonly used for quit claim deeds, easements, utilities and annexations. We will work with you and your lawyer in drafting the appropriate description with a property exhibit showing the described area. A legal description is basically the foundation for all things land related, so who better to have draft your legal description than a registered land surveyor?

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